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 Apr 18, 2016   Ashby Police Logs for week of April 10, 2016. 
  Ashby Police Logs for week of April 10, 2016 are available.

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 Apr 16, 2016   Arrest. 
  Aaron T. Sarver, 35, of Winchendon, MA. was arrested at 1805 hours on Main Street and charged with operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license. Sarver was released on personal recognizance and is due in Ayer District Court on Tuesday.

Arresting Officer: Reserve Officer Anthony Montesion.

 Apr 11, 2016   Happy National Public Safety Telecommunicators week. 
  These are the people you never get to see but get you the help you need.

 Apr 6, 2016   Arrest. 
  James J. Tomkinson, 64, of Ashby, MA. was arrested at 1243 hours on Main Street on an outstanding warrants. Tomkinson was transported to Ayer District Court.

Arresting Officer: Sergeant Derek J. Pepple.

 Apr 6, 2016   Department of Criminal Justice Information Services (DCJIS) 

Telephone Call Scam

The DCJIS has received several reports of individuals receiving telephone calls from people claiming to be representatives of the DCJIS. The number which appears in the Caller ID is one of the DCJIS' telephone numbers. These "agents" usually tell the victim that there are several outstanding warrants for his or her arrest and that, for a fee paid immediately via credit card or bank account, they will take care of these warrants.

The DCJIS will never contact you about an outstanding warrant or other legal matter unless you have contacted the DCJIS first. In addition, DCJIS telephone numbers are suppressed on outgoing calls, so they will never appear in Caller ID. If you receive a call about an arrest warrant from an individual claiming to be a DCJIS employee or agent, DO NOT provide the caller with any personal information or any bank/credit card information.

 Apr 2, 2016   Arrest. 
  Justin A. Drees, 25, of Lowell, MA. was arrested at 2248 hours on Fitchburg State Road on two outstanding warrants. Drees was released on $145.00 cash bail and is due in Ayer District Court on Monday.

Arresting Officer: Reserve Officer Glenn J. Casey.

 Apr 2, 2016   Arrest. 
  Cody A. Clark, 27, of New Ipswich, NH. was arrested at 1806 hours on New Ipswich Road on two outstanding warrants. Clark was held at the State Police Barracks in Leominster and is due in Ayer District Court on Monday.

Arresting Officer: Patrolman Shawn R. McCluskey.

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